Are You Making These Common Poker Betting Mistakes?

The classic game of poker can be really fun and profitable. However, the skills needed to consistently come out on top can take a long time to master and require a great deal of concentration. A lot of inexperienced new players jump right in and lose money by making a few crucial blunders. Don't be like them and get burned out - find out now whether you are making any of the most common poker betting mistakes.

Emotions play into successful wagering a lot more than you may think. Staying calm and detached from the game allows you to play with your head, rather than your heart. Stop assuming that you're the most skilled person at the table, even if it seems true, and concentrate on making correct moves. Controlling your emotions will also help you to clearly decide when it is best to stay in the game and when you should call it a day to avoid getting on a big downward streak. Being emotionally detached from the outcome as much as possible will help you make better and wiser decisions overall.

Carefully managing your bankroll helps keep you from going broke, and ensures that you're playing at a manageable game for your current skill level. Failing to account for the normal wins and losses of poker variance is one of the biggest poker betting mistakes there is. Don't play stakes you can't really afford - stick to tables that are in your current price range. A good rule of thumb to remember is: higher stakes, higher level of competition. Start small and work up the rungs as your skill level increases alongside your bankroll.

Excessive bluffing is a blunder common to the newbie gambler. Judiciously-used bluffing can be a great tool, but the other players will catch on and start calling when you overuse it. If your hand is weak, your stack can be greatly reduced. Another error to steer clear of is putting too much of your focus on your own cards. Study your opponents and their reactions to certain cards. Use the knowledge you gain to force them into folding and make sure only a small number of hands can reach the final card. Finally, even when you feel like you have gained a better understanding of the game, don't ever stop trying to improve your game. Ask for advice, scrutinize the pros, and most importantly, get plenty of real-life experience. This will help minimize the number of poker betting mistakes you make during your career.

In summary: learn as much quality information as you can, keep a cool head and don't overdo all the common tricks. Experience is the best teacher - take everything into account at all times and keep track of it to study later. If you do make one of these common poker betting mistakes, learn from it and do better next time - even the pros sometimes err in the course of a game. Most importantly, have fun. Becoming overly stressed over the outcome of the cards takes all the pleasure out of what should be an enjoyable activity.